Feedback in
Treatment (FIT)

Vulnerability in

Service Delivery in Organisations

Women & Mental Health

Professional Issues


  • Next Steps in FIT: a 4-part Webinar (Frankcom, K. & Wicklein, R.) - 2019

  • Using ASIST in FIT - 2007

Feedback in Treatment

  • Next Steps in FIT (Frankcom, K. & Wicklein, R.)

    • FIT Basics

    • Collecting & Analysing Data

    • Aggregated Data

    • FIT Deliberate Practice

  • How to start using Feedback in Treatment

  • Therapeutic Alliance in psychological interventions

  • Becoming a Supershrink? Is it possible? (Wicklein, R. & Matjacic, E.)

  • Using Technology in FIT

Vulnerability in Supervision

  • Inviting Vulnerability in Supervision and Coaching

  • Power in Supervision: A Relational Cultural Approach

  • Supervision of Supervision: Creating a group where  supervisors can be powerfully vulnerable (Wicklein, R. & White, J.)

  • Super-Vision: Supervising the super-mum (and anyone with caring responsibilities) returning to work (Wicklein, R., Bull, J & White, J.)

  • Therapist Mothers & Step-Mothers: Stories from the Frontline (Wicklein, R., et al.)

  • How to become a supervisor (Wicklein, R. & Gridley, H.)


Service Delivery in Organisations

  • Client Directed Outcome Informed work in tertiary counselling services

  • Improving Effectiveness in Service Delivery in a Counselling Service

  • Trainees in Tertiary Counselling Services

  • Teambuilding and Team Enhancement

Professional Issues

  • Ethics in psychotherapy

  • How to start running Groups

  • Group ethics & dynamics

  • Risk Assessment

  • Boundaries in Therapy

  • Record Keeping

  • Collaborative Goal Setting with Clients

  • So You Want a Job in Psychotherapy?

  • Getting Started as Women in Psychology

  • Narrative Therapist at Play: How to avoid burnout


Women & Mental Health

  • Transcultural Case Conceptualisation: Are women from another culture?

  • Recent Findings on Feminism, Happiness, & Discourse on women's bodies

  • Acculturation and Internalisation of Body Ideals Among Mexican American Women

  • Latinas in the United States: Implications of cultural body image and attractiveness ideals

  • Health at every size and Feminist approaches to working with Women with Eating and Body Image Issues (Crafti & Wicklein)

  • Social Construction of Eating Disorders


I have had the pleasure of presenting at numerous conferences over the years:

APS Annual Conference

APS Congress

APS Women and Psychology Annual Conference

APS College of Counselling Psychologists Conference

Person Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy & Counseling Conference


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